Projects and Innovation

Root 'N' Grow

We have started an allotment project in Thurcroft where we will be growing food, plants and transforming the space into somewhere you can use to unwind and relax

We need donations from the public for all manner of gardening equipment. We could also do with some volunteers who have some spare time to help us out. If you think you can help, message us on the root ‘n’ grow Facebook page or contact Lee Keiller, one of our social prescribers on 07903 793587.

The Hive Youth Project

The Hive is a youth project that has been set up to help kids in a huge variety of ways. Sessions currently occur twice a week and gives kids a safe space to relax, learn and have fun. Kids are encouraged to talk about how they feel and discuss any concerns they may have in school or at home. Each session covers different topics that young people may be faced with like vaping, sexual health, alcohol and much more.

Ladies BAG

Ladies Befriending Anxiety Group is a group that we have set up for women who struggle with anxiety on a day to day basis. The group meet weekly at Bridge Church in Dinnington.  The group do self-care sessions, they have had sessions where they learn new skills like crocheting and sometimes they will just have a coffee and a chat. Members are encouraged to share their thoughts with the group, or just spend time listening, whichever is more comfortable. For more information on this group contact or call/text 07947 596792

Kiveton Green Space

The Kiveton Green Space is an allotment project that we set up at the Kiveton Colliery Buildings. The group was set up for people to promote self-reliance, team working, exercise and many other reasons. Many of our members have expressed how it has helped them get outdoors more and become more confident. Our social prescriber team also still support and engage with the group when needed. To become part of the group, please contact  the colliery building on 01909 773348