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Local support groups & advice

There are a number of wellbeing services and local activity groups available in the area. If you need any support and advice, take a look at the below resources for more information.

Wellbeing & mental health services

Carers support

Find local groups and organisations to support you as a carer in Rotherham.


Rotherhive is an exceptional resource for finding verified mental health and wellbeing information, support and advice for adults in Rotherham.

They also provide information on urgent support lines for you or for someone you care about. Having this information all in one place makes it easy to get in touch with the right help when needed.

If you need to leave the website urgently, there is quick exit button in the top right hand corner of the website which will direct you to the BBC. 

What can you find on Rotherhive?

There are a wide range of support categories available including alcohol, bereavement, carers, covid-19 mental health, debt, depression, anxiety, stress, dementia, domestic abuse, drugs, eating disorders, gambling, homelessness, mental health, perinatal, self harm and suicide prevention.

Rotherham Gismo

Rotherham Gismo is a local directory with 600 groups, events and activities.  all the groups listed on the website are not-for-profit.

The website is very easy to use and you can search for activities by your postcode which will let you know how far the group or activity is from your home.

Rotherham Gismo was set up in 2013 and is the first port of call if your looking for events and groups in Rotherham and the surrounding areas.

What can you find on Rotherham Gismo?

You can expect to find groups that will help keep you active or learn new skills. There are a wide range of activities available for all ages, all run by volunteers in the local area.

Rotherham Healthwave

Rotherham Healthwave are here to help you on the path to a happier, healthier lifestyle.

Kooth & Qwell

Kooth and Qwell are digital mental health platforms that focus on improving mental health outcomes through a multitude of therapeutic pathways.

Kooth and Qwell are free, safe and anonymous for the user. These services have been commissioned by the local NHS, so there is no fee to pay, or referral needed to signpost patients or your workforce to the platforms. is for 10-25’s. The content of this site is specifically aimed at children and young people. is for over 18’s. The content of this site is specifically aimed at the adult population.

What can you find on Kooth & Qwell?

Kooth and Qwell give users the choice between professional support, community support or self help from live chat sessions, asynchronous messaging, magazine / self help articles & forums.


NHS A-Z Health

The NHS A-Z Health is a resource for finding health conditions. The directory is full of information and advice on health conditions, symptoms, self-care and treatment, including how to live well with long-term illness.

What can you find on NHS A-Z Health?

The NHS A-Z Health helps you to find conditions, gives you an overview on the condition, causes, diagnosis, treatments and complications.

This information is a great resource to check before having an appointment with your GP.

Cancer Screenings

Your Blood Pressure

Heavy Periods Self-Assessment

Personal Quit Plan

BMI Calculator

Depression Self-Assessment

Mood Self-Assessment

Your Mind Plan

Heart Age Test